Migrant Detention in Bulgaria: Numbers and Graphs

As part of the Who Gets Detained? project, over the course of 10 months starting in August 2016, the team of the Center of Legal Aid – Voice in Bulgaria collected statistics on the number and characteristics of the people who end up behind the walls of the closed centres for foreigners, and of those who are arrested and found to be “illegal” and are issued deportation and/or detention orders.

Read the full statistical report here: https://detainedinbg.com/statistics/research-reports/

Graphics by gradinko (www.gradinko.com)


Number of persons placed in the Busmantsi and Lyubimets detention centres for foreigners, by country of origin, 2012 – 2016 (Source: Ministry of Interior)

Persons apprehended for illegal crossing of Bulgaria’s borders (at entry or exit) or on the interior of the country, found to be irregular migrants, by trimester 2015-2016 (Source: Ministry of Interior)

Persons apprehended at illegal crossing of Bulgaria’s borders, by month, Oct. 2015 – May 2016 (Source: Ministry of Interior)

Deportation orders issued vs. deportation orders executed, by year, 2012-2015, and top 5 countries to which persons were deported for the total period (Source: Ministry of Interior)

Asylum claim outcomes, by country/region of origin of the applicant (selected countries), by year, 2011-2015 (Source: State Agency for the Refugees)