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The DETAINED web platform was created as part of the project “Who Gets Detained? Increasing the transparency and accountability of Bulgaria’s detention practices of asylum seekers and migrants” funded by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) of the Network of European Foundations (NEF)  and executed by the Center for Legal Aid – Voice in Bulgaria.

DETAINED is a space dedicated to collecting and publishing information on the administrative detention of migrants in Bulgaria and the region. Its purpose is to bring into the public’s attention the often-obscure practices of forcible placement of migrants in closed centers and the conditions of detention. The platform also aims to provoke open debate on the broader issue of “illegality” of persons. Through shedding light not only of legal and statistical information, but also on the personal stories of detainees, it strives to counter the dehumanizing portrayal of migrants in media and political discourse, which normalizes and makes appear acceptable subjecting them to inhumane and unlawful practices.

DETAINED is meant as a hub for sharing and exchanging information and creating links among persons and organizations working in the area of detention and migration in Europe and beyond.

Contributions to the content of the site, as well as comments and inquires are welcome!

Contact: Center for Legal Aid – Voice in Bulgariavoiceinbulgaria@gmail.com

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