Media Reports

Our work under the “Who gets detained?” and “Protecting migrants with precarious status” projects as covered by the media:

Migration – concepts, statistics, trends, distinctions, paranoia (in Bulgarian), Radio “Binar”, March 30, 2017




Bulgaria in a need of amendments in its legislation and administrative practices regarding detention of migrants, experts advice, (in Bulgarian), BGNES, August 9, 2016



Closed-type centers for migrants are used as a migration management tool (in Bulgarian), Bulgarian National Radio, August 9, 2016





Bulgaria needs to revise its laws on detention of migrants (in Bulgarian), 24 chasa, August 9, 2016




Hundreds of unaccompanied refugee children’s whereabouts are unknown (in Bulgarian),, August 9, 2016




Study finds significant violations in detention of migrants (in Bulgarian),, August 9, 2016 




Europe, the hostel of broken dreams (in Bulgarian), Dnevnik, December 21, 2015 




The big picture: A life in illegality in the “Little Beirut” (photogallery,captions in Bulgarian), Dnevnik, December 21, 2015




State Agency for Refugees’ new powers to detain migrants create conditions for arbitrariness (in Bulgarian), Legal World, October 20, 2015




Radostina Pavlova: Asylum seekers cannot be detained solely on account of their application for international protection (in Bulgarian), Bulgaria on Air TV, October 22, 2015



Law amendments to limit refugees’ rights (in Bulgarian),, October 22, 2015





Refugees’ basic rights under threat? (in Bulgarian), News7 TV





Experts to conduct a study on detention of migrants and asylum seekers in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian), Marginalia, October 6, 2015